Vertical plating lines
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VPL lines

The vertical plating lines (VPL) will be developed and produced in collaboration with a company based in Germany. Both companies have been active for 20 years, especially in the PCB industry.

Based on customer requirements and according to chemistry specifications, we develop and produce small and medium format automatic/manual plating lines for the PCB and electroplating industry. These lines are built according to the latest innovations in process improvements and equipment development.

Adapt, upgrade and modify existing vertical process lines or surface treatment machines.



Main features VPL-NTO lines :

  • Main features NTO-VPL LINES :

    • Plastic tanks are made from polypropylene, execution with rim and reinforcement. Polypropylene tank reinforced with st. steel tube frame.
    • PP/PVC pipework and appendages (Georg Fischer)  
    • PP/PVDF Magnetic or immersion pumps(Hendor)
    • Transport carrier for most application is an edge carrier. Transport carrier is driven by a drive motor (SEW). Selected for proven reliable.
    • Special tanks for certain chemical process applications manufactured from St. steel 316 material or PVDF plastic.
    • PP/PVDF/SS filter chamber with PP wounded cartridges/filterbag/etc.
    • Exhaust duct on both sides of the tank. Exhaust duct foreseen with a PP control valve.
    • Teflon, Quartz or St. steel heaters elements.
    • PTFE/PP covered PT-100, level control sensor, over temperature protection.
    • Air agitation systems in the tank for necessary positions feed by a blower.
    • Liquid agitation systems in the tank for necessary positions.
    • pneumatic vibrators on V-blocks or hammer stroke mechanisms can be
      supplied in the line

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