HASL machines

Different Hot Air Solder Levelers (HASL) types and designs......

HCL Lines

Horizontal conveyorized line (HCL) for various applications such as fluxing, pre and post cleaning etc.....

VPL Lines

Vertical Plating Lines (VPL) for different surface treatment processes in the Printed Circuit Board or Galvano Industry....


We Provide excellent services
for Everyone

We can proudly say that we provide an excellent service for our customers. 

  • Fast response time
  • Available 24/7
  • No long delivery time on spare parts.
  • HASL and other machines equipped with remote routers,
    so that we can provide remote assistance or services. 
  • Conscious choice of high-quality materials/components for our machines and applications.
    Suppliers, such as e.g.; Georg Fisher fittings, SEW eurodrive, Hendor pumps, Bürkert, Siemens, Plating electronics rectifiers etc. etc. which have worldwide sister companies and/or are represented in many countries. 
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