New Technology Overman

What we can do :

Mechanical Engineering :

  • Depending on customer requirements design / development of parts or complete systems.
  • For the design / development we use 3D-CAD program Autodesk® Inventor ™
  • Drawing of mechanical parts of machines and devices for surface treatment in the printed circuit board industry.

  • Concept/detail engineering
  • Exploded views, assemblies or sub-assembly drawings.
  • Digitize hand-drawn drawings in 3D.
    Manual drawings (2D or 3D)
  • Visualization drawings/models for presentations/internet purposes.

On request :

  • Service, maintenance and repair work for wet process lines.
  • Disassembly, construction/installation or removal of wet process lines.
  • Storage tanks, dosing tanks or process tanks (including any control / control box)
  • Production of drip trays made of PP/PE.
  • Adaptation / modification of PP / PVC pipes to machine / installation or building.

On project base :

  • Adaptation, upgrading and modification of existing surface treatment process lines or machines.
  • Mechanical engineering of mechanical parts of machines and equipment for machine and equipment construction.
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