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    PCB / Galvanic Industry

New Technology Overman Develop, manufacture and deliver Hot air Solder
levellers, complete HASL process lines and vertical (final) finishing plating lines.
The vertical plating lines will be developed and manufactured in cooperation with
a German based partner company. 

- Development/design of parts or complete systems for surface treatment
  processes in the Printed Circuit Board industry.
- Adapting, upgrading and altering existing surface treatment process
  lines or machines.
- Delivery of parts or complete systems for (Final) Finishing processes in
  the Printed Circuit Board industry.


HASL or Horizontal system lines :

•Hot Air Solder Leveler (lead/tin or lead-free)

•HCL Pre-cleaner line

•HCL Post cleaner

•HCL Flux coating line

•HCL Cooling conveyor


Others :

•HCL PCB Cleaning/Drying line

•HCL Pre-treatment line (Before lamination and Soldermask)


Handling equipment :

•HHE Unloader/Loader

•HHE Holding station

•HHE Cooling tower


Vertical(final) finishing plating lines(Automatic/manual) :

* VPL Electroless Ni/Au line  * VPL Electrolytic Ni/Au line

* VPL Electroless Ag line        * VPL Electroless Cu line

* VPL Desmear line                * VPL Electrolytic Cu/Sn line 



Providing in the need for outsourcing of mechanical engineering for the surface treatment processes in the PCB and Galvanic industry.
Engineering of reservoirs/tanks, transport and operational systems, dosing systems, peripherals and complete horizontal and vertical processing
machines for this industry.
A project approach by formulating a clear demands and wishes package for carrying out the job.

Intermediate for the delivery of process and treatment reservoirs/ tanks, mechanical parts and peripherals for horizontal and vertical surface treatment machines.

Consultancy in the field of improvement or desirable changes of machines.
Consultancy in the field of service and maintenance aspects or issues.

Carrying out the above mentioned activities on project basis.