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Development, manufacturing and delivery vertical plating lines.

Automatic plating lines for plating through hole-copper plating and pattern
plating, ENIG and ENIPIG lines etc. for PCB Industry. Automatic galvanic
lines for galvanic industry. Plating lines for research, development and
manual manufacturing.

The vertical plating lines (VPL) will be developed and manufactured in cooperation with a
German based partner company. Both companies are already 20 years involved in the PCB market. 

Some examples of NTO-VPL lines (Automatic/manual) :

                + VPL Electroless Ni/Au line                     + VPL Electrolytic Ni/Au line

                + VPL Electroless Ag line                         + VPL Electroless Cu line

                + VPL Desmear line                                  + VPL Electrolytic Cu/Sn line

                + Etc.


- Development/design of parts or complete systems for surface treatment processes in the Printed
  Circuit Board industry and Galvano industry.
- Adapting, upgrading and altering existing vertical galvanic/plating lines or machines.
- Delivery of parts or complete systems for (Final) Finishing processes in the Printed Circuit Board industry