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Hot Air Solder Leveler

The Hot air solder leveler models are built to meet the current performance criteria. High quality, simple operation and maintenance at minimum costs is giving this machine access to both small and large volume production facilities.

Special attention has been given to those typical critical areas resulting in this high quality and reliability machine, in order to secure the superior quality of Hot Air Solder Leveled Printed Circuit Boards in the following years.

The soldering machines of New technology Overman are specially designed for the new requirements in PCB manufacturing.

Easy accessibility to clean the solder, maintenance friendly, simple operating, easy access to the re-moveable solder pump.


Development, manufacturing and delivery of complete HASL process lines.
Various  productionset-up are possible and set-up are forexample:

1) Loader-> precleaner+fluxerline-> holdingstation  -> HASL  -> coolingtower-> postcleaner-> holdingstation.

2) Loader-> precleanerline->  Fluxerline-> unloader->  HASL -> unloader-> Post cleanerline-> loader.

HASL NTO-1818LFS    HASL NTO-1824LF    HASL NTO-2424   HASL NTO-3030LF

HASL equipment are available in different sizes and available as PLC version or Electrical controlled versions.

HASL Brochure :



Please see the features on these machine as written in the brochures.

NTO HASL machine and horizontal lines will be manufactured in our workshop in The Netherlands.